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"An awe for the wonders of the earth has nurtured my soul," said Nora Del Murdock, who was a member at Lamplight for many years. "Listening to silence and observing nature in its myriad forms have been constant sources of inspiration and the theme of most of my work."

Artists share their creativity not only by painting, but by teaching, by exhibiting at galleries around the region and by participating in plein air competitions such as the one on Main Street each September.

Louise R. Shaw's photography features everything from landscapes in Utah to night lights in Paris, from blossoms of spring to sunsets on the ocean.

"I don't create these beautiful scenes," says Louise, "I just capture them. We are surrounded by incredible beauty and I am thrilled to be able to not only observe it, but to save it and then share it."

Scott Durrant has been heard to say, "I don't know where I'm going with this," but wherever it is he's going, we want to go there too. His arresting work is full of surprises -- most recently it's included metallic paints in geometric designs that are both interesting and fun. Learn more about Scott and see his art as you continue to peruse this site.  Each of the artists has a page dedicated to his or her work and ideas. Keep exploring!