Thomas Rogers

Tom Rogers (shown here in a self-portrait), is a college professor and playwright, a linguist and author, and more recently added "artist" to his resume.  His prolific pastel work takes us from China and Russia to Scandinavia and the Middle East and back home to Bountiful, celebrating landscapes and seascapes, faces and moods.  His most recent work features his ancestors, rendered in sepia tone from photographs over 100 years old.

These pieces are all matted and framed.  Except where noted, all pieces are 16 by 20 inches in pastel. There are many more portraits and landscapes of exotic people and places to be seen -- keep checking back for the latest of Tom's work.  Prices do not include shipping and handling, which can be arranged with the artist.  

Bengt Hoglund of Stockholm, Sweden


Through the bay window


"Y" Mountain, BYU


Mary Dickson, KUER




Professor Arne of Trondheim, Norway


Dutch John


Deep Waters






Film Director, Sterling


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