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Scott Durrant


Winter, Fall and Spring muses are only a few of the latest artistic creations of Scott Durrant.  

Inspired by a challenge Lamplight artists gave each other to work in a new medium, Scott fashioned these stunning pieces pictured above out of broken plates, found and created objects.  Meanwhile, enjoy some of his other artistic creations, including Sayonara, seen below.

 "I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to the Salt Lake area in 1975 to attend the University of Utah, where I received my degree in Interior Design.  In 1982 I started Durrant & Associates, Inc., a wholesale supplier to the design and architectural trade.  My artistic style varies with the medium I'm using and the mood I'm in when the creative 'muse' comes calling.   My acrylics and oils tend towards a more mid-century influenced abtract, while my pastels range from mood-setting impressionistic landscapes to abstracts."  -- Scott Durrant 




Scott might be considered an "intuitive artist," as he draws inspiration from many different places, develops it in his mind and adapts it to canvas.  Art for Scott is a creative outlet and a stress reliever.  His work testifies to his creative genius.  See some of Scott's amazing floral arrangements on our "Floral bouquets" page.  The art represented here is only a tiny fragment of Scott's work.  Large panels hung from wire in turquoise, pieces partially framed that together take an entire wall, small pastels interpreting landscapes and skies, creations of every variety and mood.  Keep checking back for more! 






Fire & Ice


A Happy Accident 


Winter to Spring


Koi I


 Koi 2


Koi 3


Byzantine Jewel Box




A Walk With Friends 

If you look closely at the walls in this one-man exhibit gallery at Bountiful/Davis Art Center, you'll see more of Scott's cutting-edge pieces.  Creative frames, varied sizes, styles full of surprises are the norm for this innovative artist. 



See more of Scott's work at www.artbyscottdurrant.com or contact him for pricing, any questions or special requests, at scottd@xmission.com.