Merrily Kulmer

Merrily Kulmer feels abstracts have the unique ability to invite one's imagination to create an individual interpretation through valuable visual clues, from gesture, color fields, movement and energy. In her quest to master her brush stroke, she turned to Chinese calligraphy. She joined the Ching Hai Oriental Painting Association and started an intensive study of Oriental brush stroke. She learned the Tao of the brush which brought an important simplicity and spirit to her paintings. Many of her abstract paintings in "Bold Strokes" reflect this Asian influence. 



The piece above, Winter Trees, is 36" by 36" and costs $2,500. Those below are part of the Creation Series. Each is 12" by 12" and costs $190. Please contact Merrily through the gallery, 801-298-0290, for information on shipping costs.




    These necklaces are made from crocheted beads, precious stones and pearls. Prices start at $85. 




See more of Merrily's work or contact her through



The pieces shown below are part of Merrily's "Me' and Me" series. They are 5" by 5", acrylic on canvas and cost $85 each. Contact Merrily for additional information about her art. Information on shipping costs can also be obtained through Merrily.