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Louise R. Shaw


It's hard to tell exactly when her hobby became a passion.  Somewhere between exploring beautiful places and recording memorable activities, the camera always within easy reach became more of an appendage.

Louise R. Shaw loves beauty.  Whether in flowers or sunsets, in landscapes or in people, she sees it, frames it and preserves it to savor over and again.

"I don't create these incredible scenes, I simply capture them," said Ms. Shaw.  "A photogrpaher has the easy task.  God has made the masterpieces.  I am blessed to have been a witness that could preserve them, and hope now to share them."


The prices below are for an 11x14 print, matted and framed.  Postage and handling usually runs another $40.  Each is set in a mat and frame that add to the color and feeling. Availability on some may vary.

See more of Louise's work at www.capestocanyonspress.com -- where you'll find an extensive collection of beautiful gift cards from around the world, as well as books she has authored on family and education.  Check it out!