We welcome new members as space becomes available.  It is a wonderful community of artists and a great place to exhibit art in its many forms.

Members pay an initial membership fee of $300 and monthly dues of $75.  In addition, they take turns manning the gallery -- usually 12 to 16 hours per month, in four-hour shifts.  Those who can't work at the gallery are asked to pay $150 per month in dues. 

Members are also asked to serve on one of the standing committees and actively participate in gallery projects and open houses. 

Mission statement:  "Lamplight Art Gallery's purpose is to generate public enthusiasm for creating and viewing fine art.  Members will support and encourage the community through education, exhibition and participation in the art experience."

Official membership applications are available at the gallery.  In general, the following procedures are required:

1.  Submit eight to twelve color slides or prints of your current work.  Artist, title, medium, size and retail price should identify each slide or print.

2.  Fill in membership application form and include the following attachments: resume and artist biography, including your artistic experience and a personal statement about your ability to work in a co-op.  Letters of recommendation will be accepted.

3.  Include a non-refundable application fee of $20 to the Lamplight Art Gallery, which covers the application review process.  If you are accepted as a member, this fee will be applied to the initial membership fee.

4.  Enclose an SASE for pre-screening notification and return of slides and prints.

5.  If you are accepted in the preliminary screening, you will be notified of the date to bring in five pieces of your actual work to meet with the Screening Committee for an interview.

6.  After the interview, the Screening Committee will inform the Board of Trustees of their decision.  You will then be notified in a timely manner of the Board's acceptance or denial of your membership.

Send all information to:  Lamplight Art Gallery, 170 South Main Street, Bountiful, UT  84010